Collection Notes from Dave Haynie

What you have here is the first set of documents from old Commodore that I managed to assemble. This is definitely a work in progress, and it doesn't progress fast. Much of the Amiga stuff was done on Amigas, but unfortunately at different times. So I didn't necessarily still have the programs necessary to read and convert some of this documentation to ASCII and/or the portable document format (PDF, Adobe's Acrobat format, as close as you're likely to get to a universal format).

There are gaping holes in this stuff. For example, while I have a printout of Nyx specifications (Nyx was the AAA prototype), I don't seem to have the files anywhere. I also did a really nice paper on AAA for the 1993 DevCon, but that hasn't turned up yet either. (Editor note: A kind developer has scanned these for me and I have converted the scans to PDF, see below). I have the original paper on Acutiator, and some the drawings (in Art Expression form, but what did I do with my copy of Art Expression?), but I haven't yet found the PCI-level Acutiator main docs, such as the Abaca spec, or the full description of TPUs. At one point I had nearly every schematic, in the fairly useless Mentor format, stored away on disc, but I don't know what happened to it.

So this is a work in progress. Anyone with material to contribute should. I'm sending this out, to Team Amiga, to the Jay Miner Society, in the hopes of seeding a permanent record of the Amiga's technology, some of which has yet to be replicated in the mainstream.

- Dave Haynie
somewhere in the swamps of Jersey
April, 1998


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Notes from the editor:

All files and the directory structure remains in the same format as received from Dave Haynie, with the following exceptions:

Buster specs (PDF)    
AA - Lisa specs (PDF) AA - Register bits (PDF) AA - Register names (PDF)
CPU modules
A2620 documents A2620 PALs  
A2630 documents A2630 PALs 1 / A2630 PALs 2 A2630 specs
A3640 documents / A3640 readme A3640 PALs A3640 scans / A3640 schematics
A2631 PALs
A3000+ specs (PDF) A3000+ DSP3210 prog.notes (PDF) A3000+ PALs
Acutiator specs (PDF) Acutiator TPU specs (PDF/PS)
DoubleThink AT&T DSP3210+68040 CPU board specs (PDF)
AT&T DSP 3210 design notes (PDF) AT&T DSP 3210 resource list (PDF)
Gemini Multi-CPU card, picture Gemini Multi-CPU card, PALs
Nyx AAA prototype system, notes Nyx AAA prototype system, netlist Nyx AAA prototype system, PALs
Advanced Amiga Architecture (AAA) overview (PDF)
A2000 docs
A3000 docs A3000 PALs  
A4000 docs
Zorro III
Readme A4091 PALs BigRAM readme
Specification Addendum (PDF) BigRAM docs
Issued patent (PDF) BigRAM PALs
Specification (PDF)
Other memorable items
In the beginning was CAOS, by Andy Finkel

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